Disaster Communications

Disaster Communications Systems play a pivotal & vital role in returning communities to normalcy after a tragic event occurs.  At Digisat, we understand that first responders & emergency personnel count on communications with the outside world to administer humanitarian aid, protect property, and enforce law & order.  Digisat’s complete turnkey emergency communication systems provide responders with a rugged, reliable, lightweight & compact terminal for effectively delivering aid to stricken areas.

Our proven self contained solutions deliver instant communications regardless of environmental conditions or existing ground or wireless infrastructure.

From equipment, to installation, integration, deployment & internet connectivity service, we deliver complete disaster communications solutions that are designed to work around the United States & across the globe.

Broad Selection of Systems-

  • Satcom Trailers
  • Vehicle Mounted VSAT Satellite Terminals
  • Portable Flyaway Satellite Antenna Systems
  • Skid Mounted Satellite Internet Systems
  • Marine Satellite Communications Systems
  • Man Portable Satcom & BGAN Terminals
  • Backpack Airline Checkable Terminals

Key System Features-

  • Cost Effective & Reliable
  • Simple Operation by Non-Technical Personnel
  • Trailer VSAT Systems can be easily transported via small cars or all-terrain vehicles
  • Auto Deployable at the touch of a button
  • Compact Footprint for long term storage
  • Built-In Long Range WiFi Hotspot Access Point
  • Integrated VOIP Phone System
  • Options for Integrated VHF Radios, Trunked Radios & Radio Relay Systems
  • Options for Built-In Gas, Propane or Diesel Power Generation
  • Extremely low power draw

All of our disaster communication terminals are available with broadband satellite internet service.

Custom Internet Plans-

  • Speeds up to 30 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up
  • Supports VOIP Phone Calls & Radio Relay Services
  • Compatible with Secure VPN’s
  • Excellent for group WiFi
  • Support for Multi-Media Video & Audio Streaming
  • News Gathering Plan supports High Definition Video Uplink from a 1.2m antenna
  • Support for Integrated Pico Cell System (5, 10, 25 mile range)

Maintenance Solutions-

In addition to providing complete disaster communications systems & internet connectivity, Digisat also offers comprehensive maintenance solutions to effectively care for your fleet of mobile VSAT systems, command centers, Earth Station antennas & VSAT Networks.  Our maintenance services can be performed onsite at your location or in house at our maintenance & repair depot located in Melbourne Florida.

For more information on our comprehensive portfolio of emergency communications products and services, please contact our sales team:  Contact Us