Oil & Gas Communications

From remote oil wells and gas production sites, to offshore platforms and drill ships, Digisat will keep you and your crew connected anywhere.  By utilizing the latest in cutting edge satellite technology, our solutions provide a rugged wireless communications system that connects remote sites to the outside world.  Our cost effective & reliable satellite systems deliver a high speed broadband internet connection that can be used for  both ongoing day-to-day business operations or crew welfare.

Our systems are easily installed & operated by all non-technical personnel.

Broad Range of Services & Flexible Internet Plans

  • Satellite Internet speeds up to 30 Mbps Download for US Ka-Band
  • Provides an instant Long Range WiFi Hotspot
  • Provisions for VOIP Phone Lines
  • Easily Integrates with your Secure VPN Network
  • Radio Relay Capable
  • Supports SCADA, M2M & Telemetry
  • Simple Bandwidth allotment provisioning- separate important business operations from crew welfare services
  • Highly Cost Effective
  • Emergency and Backup Internet Service plans
  • Field Maintenance Services available directly from Digisat
  • Industry Leading Service & Support

System Highlights

  • Wide variety of antenna sizes- .75, .98, 1.2, 1.8, 2.4 & 3.8 Meter systems
  • Auto Satellite Alignment & Acquisition at the touch of a button
  • Corrosive Resistant & Weatherproof
  • Lightweight & Rugged
  • Portable, Permanent or Semi-Permanent Mounting options
  • Mobile Trailer, Skid Mount, or Vehicle Mounted systems
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Cost Effective Satellite Internet Service Plans

Single Source for Complete Connectivity Solutions

Digisat is your go to source for a total oil & gas communications solution.  We provide turnkey solutions that include everything you’ll need to start communicating with your remote sites.  Our pre-engineered solutions deliver outstanding performance in harsh environmental conditions.

We’re ready to deliver equipment, installation services, systems integration, ongoing field maintenance and internet access services anywhere on the planet.  Contact Us