Equipment Installation

Digisat’s professional team of highly experienced Field Engineers, Installation Technicians & Program Managers offer flexible turnkey communications equipment installation services for Satcom, Video, Telecom, Troposcatter, Mobile, Wireless and IP Networking applications.  Our installation services encompass all vertical markets and cover an extensive list of hardware from a broad range of communications equipment manufacturers.  Digisat’s installation solutions have supported customers on all seven continents and we’ve consistently delivered reliable turnkey systems “on time” in some of the most remote & logistically challenging locations on the planet.


Digisat’s International and Domestic clients include:

  • Local, State, Civilian & Federal Government
  • Audio & Video Broadcasters
  • Teleport & VSAT Hub Operators
  • Communications & Internet Service Providers
  • Communications Equipment Manufacturers
  • Enterprise Companies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Media Firms
  • Maritime Fleets
  • Scientific Research Groups
  • Telecom & VOIP Service Providers
  • Health Care Providers
  • Oil & Gas Producers
  • Mining Corporations

Installation Experts

Our highly skilled communications equipment installation professionals deliver high quality install services that are designed to facilitate rapid deployment & quick turn-up of communications systems & services.  Additionally, our installation services are uniquely tailored towards each customers own individual set of project specifications, requirements & goals.

Digisat’s installation capabilities support the following applications:

Satellite Communications

    • VSAT & Earth Station Antennas
    • MILSATCOM Terminals
    • Satellite Modems
    • Frequency Converters
    • TWTA & SSPA Amplifiers
    • Waveguide Subsystems
    • IRDs & Audio Receivers
    • Antenna Controllers
    • Electric & Gas Deice Systems
    • RF Over Fiber Optic IFL
    • Baseband Interfaces
    • Network Monitor & Control Systems

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    Broadcast Video

    • Receive Only & DTH Uplink Antennas
    • Video Modulators & Encoders
    • Content Delivery Networks
    • Network Channel Origination
    • Media Processing Centers
    • IPTV
    • Cable Headends
    • Master Control Systems
    • L-Band Matrix Switching Systems
    • TV Station Digital Upgrades
    • Mobile Vehicle SNG Systems
    • Special Events

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    Telecom & VOIP

    • GSM Backhaul
    • Mobile Gateways
    • Data Centers
    • VOIP Systems
    • Digital Multiplexers
    • Multiservice Switches
    • Multi-Pair Cabling

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    IP Network Systems

    • Wireless Broadband Networks
    • IP Multimedia
    • Next Generation Systems
    • Router, Servers & Switches
    • MPLS Networks
    • EDGE Network Systems
    • Network Security Systems
    • SIPR / NIPR
    • RAID & Enterprise Storage
    • Operations Support Management Systems

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    Mobile & Wireless

    • Vehicular Internet Systems
    • Military & Government Secure Communications
    • Marine Internet & TV Systems
    • WiFi Access Points
    • WiMax & LTE Equipment
    • Mass Transit Internet Systems
    • PTT Satellite Telephones
    • SNG Uplink Trucks

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    Flexible Installation Manpower

    Depending on your installation requirements, Digisat’s flexible manpower can be used as an adjunct arm to support your existing technical team, or we can provide a total turnkey solution.  Either way, installation services can be purchased on a “time and materials” basis, or via a firm fixed price contract.  When you work with Digisat, the available skilled technical manpower solutions are endless.

    Our well-traveled team takes great pride in delivering and installing communications systems that are mechanically flawless, while producing optimum service & network performance.  Installing systems under strict time constraints & harsh environmental conditions is our specialty.  Whether your project is in a war zone or a disaster recovery area, a remote jungle village or on the North Slope of Alaska, you can count on our seasoned personnel to always deliver.

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