Digisat provides womb to tomb systems engineering & design services that cover a wide range of communications technologies from RF to IP, and everything between. We offer clients proven network systems designs & engineered solutions that incorporate the most reliable communications equipment on the market today. From custom one-off communications networks, to complex networks that merge convergent technologies over multiple platforms & protocols, Digisat’s engineering & design team offers clients solutions that are designed to stand the test of time and maintain the highest quality of service.

Let us solve all of your unique communications system engineering & design problems today.  From simple issues to complex situations, we’re ready to handle it all! 

Technologies we support

  • Satellite
  • Wireless
  • IP
  • Cable
  • Video
  • Cellular
  • Mobile
  • Broadcast Radio

Whether you’re a government agency, defense contractor, corporation, or institution, Digisat’s design & engineering team is ready to provide a custom tailored solution that will cost effectively fulfill all of your project’s goals, while exceeding technical & operational requirements.

Industries we serve

  • Government & Defense
  • Telecom
  • Oil & Gas
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Mobile, Maritime & Aviation
  • IP and Networking
  • Health Care
  • Humanitarian
  • Broadcasting

Our systems engineering & design team consists of a diverse group of professionals

  • RF Engineers
  • Broadcast Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • IP/Network Engineers
  • Wireless Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Civil Engineers

Flexible service Procurement Options

  • Hourly Pricing
  • Day & Weekly Rates
  • Project Specific Firm Fixed Prices
  • Contract Services

We specialize in solving complex communication systems issues & network problems.  From initial systems design & development, to network upgrades & technology convergence, we deliver solutions that keep your network running smoothly while enabling you to stay ahead of the technology curve.

Additionally, our pre-engineered system and network designs facilitate fast turn-up under the most stringent budgetary guidelines.

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