Antenna Installation

Whether your installation requirements are for a mobile vehicular mounted system, maritime 3-axis stabilized platform, fixed VSAT, or a complete complex Ka-Band Broadband Gateway Antenna System.  Digisat can fully support any and all Satellite antenna installation projects ranging in size from sub 1 meter VSATs to 21 meter gateways.  Our team can be quickly mobilized to any location in the world at a moments notice.

Digisat’s Satellite Earth Station Antenna Installation team provides turnkey satellite antenna installation services to:

  • State, Local, & Federal Governments
  • Teleports
  • Communication Service Providers
  • Antenna Manufacturers
  • Enterprise
  • Media
  • Broadcast
  • Oil & Gas
  • Scientific Organizations
  • Mining
  • Maritime
  • Health Care
  • Educational
  • Hospitality
  • Humanitarian

Our Field Antenna Engineers & Antenna Mechanical Technicians have extensive experience installing Satellite Communications Antennas from:

  • Viasat (formerly Scientific Atlanta)
  • GD Satcom Technologies (formerly Vertex RSI)
  • ASC Signal (formerly Andrew Corp.)
  • NEC
  • Prodelin
  • Channel Master
  • Intellian
  • SeaTel
  • KNS
  • AVL Technologies
  • iNetVu
  • MotoSat
  • Skyware Global

Turnkey installation services cover all satellite applications including:

  • Maritime Internet & Television
  • Audio & Video Broadcast
  • Broadband TDMA Hubs
  • Disaster & Emergency Communications
  • Military & Government Communications
  • VSAT Internet
  • TVRO
  • VOIP
  • Remote Communications
  • SCADA & M2M
  • Content Delivery
  • Scientific
  • Telemedicine
  • Distance Learning
  • Mobile Backhaul

Digisat’s team of highly skilled antenna installation professionals deliver high quality installation services that encompass all aspects of VSAT & Satellite Earth Station Antenna installation- from reflector assembly & sub-reflector alignment, to final system testing and Gain Calculations, as well as commissioning & setup services. Our experienced personnel take great pride in delivering and installing Satellite antenna systems that are mechanically flawless, while producing optimum RF, service, & system performance.

Digisat’s Antenna Installation services cover all satellite frequency bands including:

  • C-Band
  • S-Band
  • L-Band
  • Ku-Band
  • X-Band
  • DBS-Band
  • Ka-Band

Our Field Engineers and Satellite Antenna Installation Technicians provide clients superb quality, strong satellite knowledge and versatile manpower. From the Continental US, to the jungles of Africa and throughout the Canadian tundra, Digisat’s Gateway Earth Station Antenna Installation team delivers satellite solutions under the most extreme conditions and time constraints.

Whether your installation requirements are for a new or used satellite earth station antenna to uplink video, provide iDirect Hub services, connect a fleet of ships or expand your teleport, Digisat offers a wide array of custom satellite antenna installation services that can be tailored to your specific project requirements.

Digisat’s Satellite Earth Station Antenna services include:

  • Photogrammetry Alignment- Ka-Band Satellite Gateways & Radio Telescopes
  • Theodolite Alignment- Vertex, ViaSat and Andrew ASC Signal
  • Hot Air De-Ice Systems- Gas & Electric
  • Hub Cooling & HVAC systems
  • Site Surveys- Look angle calculations, Site Layout & Readiness, RFI & EMI analysis
  • Earth Station Installation- From VSAT antennas to 21m Gateways
  • Feed Retrofits- Linear to Circular Polarization and vice versa, C to Ku-Band and Ku to C-Band
  • Antenna Controller Installation, Upgrades & Retrofits- GDSatcom, VertexRSI, Andrew (ASC Signal), Research Concepts
  • Motor Drive System Upgrades and Replacement
  • Antenna Foundation Installation- From VSAT to 21m, Turnkey
  • RF Equipment Installation- TWT Amplifiers, SSPAs, BUCs, BDCs, LNAs, Uplink Power Control Systems
  • RF Waveguide Switching Systems
  • Earth Station Engineering- from VSAT Networks to Standard “A” Gateways and beyond
  • LNA Plate Installation and upgrades-Vertex RSI, Paradise Datacom, Comtech EF Data
  • Antenna Verification Testing- G/T, TX & RX Gain Calculations, SSOG, Acceptance, Antenna patterns, etc.
  • Systems Engineering-Link Budgets, RF and Civils
  • Antenna Deinstallation, Dismantling, Removal and Re-Establishment
  • Fiber Optic IFL System Installation
  • FCC Licensing-FCC 214
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

Antenna Deinstallation & Removal-

  • All Types & Sizes Up To 32 meters
  • Site Restoration- Foundation Demolition & Removal
  • Custom Crating
  • Shipping Container Packing
  • Parts Inventory
  • Full Re-Establishment Services are Available

Antenna Deice Systems-

  • Gas & Electric
  • Heater, Ducting, Control System & Plenum Installation
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting & Testing
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Existing Antenna Retrofits

Turnkey Radome services-

  • Installation of Radomes for antennas up to 21 meters in size
  • Radome Deinstall & Removal
  • VSAT Radomes
  • Radome Maintenance

Please contact us today for more info on how we can help you with your Satellite Ground Station Antenna installation, Radome Services and maintenance requirements.  Contact Us